Hi, this is Teejay
There are 2 things I am passionate about in life

Children and

These 2 passions come together in this program
A program to launch children on a fast track to a bright future

Being able to read and write is the foundation of knowledge
I know you care about your children as much as I care about mine

If Johnny can't read and comprehend what he reads, he cannot answer a Math question
If Jane cannot read and write, her options in life are limited

And when people are frustrated, they do desperate things
Desperate things could land you in jail

By the way, did you know you can buy Prison stocks?
That's right, prisons have gone private

The only way those stocks go up is when they are FULL
Make sure your child is NOT one of those to fill their coffers!



Any question, suggestions comments are welcome.
Please direct them to: stellarbiz75@gmail.com

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